A Few Trendy Hairstyles For The Post-COVID Era

A Few Trendy Hairstyles For The Post-COVID Era

The lockdown is being lifted, and economic activities are slowly getting back to normal in parts of the US. If you wish to get out there and fight the lockdown boredom, you can head to a luxury salon and get a new haircut, or color your bangs, or do something else that looks trendy and upbeat at the same time. Pampering yourself at a salon or can take away all the gloom and make you feel positive about the given situation. 


So, let’s give you an idea about the trendy hairdos that you can try to break the monotony and feel alive once more. 


Short hairdos are in vogue

The COVID situation has taught us many things, and effective home management is one of these key lessons that we are going to carry forward. With short hair, it’s easier to perform strenuous domestic tasks, as it’s more manageable and doesn’t require too much maintenance. 


So, ladies, this is the time to flaunt some amazing short hairdos, like short bob curls, pixie, short comb-over, short waves, or anything else that suits you. You can also get your hair colored in bold streaks or neutral ones to enhance your overall appearance.


When talking about short hairdos, you should definitely know the following trends that are in at present:


The buzz

If you want to chop your lengthy tresses off and still look gorgeous, you should try this hairstyle flaunted by celebrities, like Tiffany Haddish, Kristen Stewart, Katy Perry, and Ruth Bell. It will not only help you reduce hair fall issues but also pave the way towards getting thicker and more beautiful tresses in time. At a time when managing your long hair seems quite inconvenient, this is the best and the boldest way to look trendy and feel comfortable. 


The layered bob

So you aren’t comfortable with the idea of shaving your head? Well, you can always try other stylish short hairdos, like the layered bob that’s available in various styles, depending on your preferences. From medium-length layered bob to messy layered bob, each of these styles comes with a series of advantages suitable for different needs. From Anna Hathaway to Emilia Clarke, you can see these bobs taking beautiful forms on these gorgeous ladies and be inspired to flaunt the look with confidence. 


The asymmetrical lobs

Be it Ashley Olsen, Victoria Beckham, Rihanna, or Chelsea Kane, the asymmetrical lobs are something that every short-hair lover should try once. If you’re confident about managing too many layers that are convenient to style and easier to manage, this is the best short hairdo for you. Color the longer layers and make them stand out and use a curling rod and a flat iron to create messy waves that look gorgeous. 


Sometimes, just getting a makeover can uplift your spirits and help you get rid of stress, anxiety, or signs of depression. With the current situation quietly getting on our nerves, we should take some time out for self-pampering to boost confidence. And what better way to do that than getting a trendy haircut? You can also go on a shopping spree after the salon visit to buy things that’ll enhance your new look. Just make sure you’re following the pandemic regulations, and you’ll be safe to venture a little. 


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