How Many Vet Visits Do Your Pets Need?

How Many Vet Visits Do Your Pets Need?

Having a pet is not only a delight but also a big responsibility. As they can’t express their pains, discomfort, or troubles clearly, you have to take them for regular checkups to the vet to ensure everything’s fine. And this holds for both your canine and feline companions. Unlike humans, they won’t be able to express their sickness or pains that require urgent medical attention.

So, how many times should you take your pets to the vet clinic? Let’s discuss this in detail.

At the infant stage (1-12 months)

When your furry friends are still infants, or a little older than that, you need to take them to the clinic to get vaccines for rabies, kennel cough, influenza, distemper-parvo, Lyme disease, feline leukemia, feline immunodeficiency disorders and more. They will also need flea and tick preventive medications at this stage, both for kitties and puppies.

When you take them to the vet, they will be tested and observed for any signs of illness, which is common in young canines or felines. The vet will also test socialization skills and see if the pups are growing well. Hence, at the younger stage, you may need to bring your pets to the vet at least once in 4 weeks for these necessary diagnoses and treatments.

After 1 year

When your pets grow older, the frequency of vet visits will get reduced and may even become yearly checkups for vaccinations and other diagnoses. During this checkup, your furry friends will have to undergo certain physical examinations to understand if anything’s wrong with them and if so, take necessary steps for proper treatment immediately.

Based on the results of the initial tests, the vet may also recommend some other tests, which you need to get done quickly. But the kitties are not tested generally, as their results are confusing and difficult to interpret. If there is any pressing issue, like obesity or any behavioral disorder, the vet looks into the matter carefully to diagnose the problem.

However, the vaccine boosters for worms, rabies, and other diseases are given throughout the life of your pet at regular intervals, as suggested by the vet. This apart, if your pet is having digestive issues, stool samples are checked to understand the source of the problem.

Senior pet care

Just like babies, elderly pets need more care and constant medical attention to lead a healthy life. When they turn 7, you may have to start taking them to the vet once in every 6 months. Besides getting their regular vaccinations, they will be examined thoroughly, and blood and urine tests may be recommended. They will give the vet an idea about the pets’ kidney and liver functions along with the thyroid levels in their body.

At this stage, you may have to be a little more careful regarding your pets and observe them for any behavioral or physical abnormalities. Keep a notebook to jot down anything you find suspicious in your furry companion to discuss with the vet. For example, if your pet drinks more water than usual or pass urine more frequently, or shows reluctance for the daily walks, you may need to consult the vet to identify any underlying issues.

With proper care, constant treatment, and endless love, your kitties and pooches will enjoy a happier and longer life. Keep the vet always in the loop and never try to play doctor yourself. It may create further problems for your pet.

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Hacks For Moms

Amazing Hacks For Moms To Spice Up Their Quintessential Lives

Being a mom is anything but easy, as you can’t think only of yourself anymore. All your actions and decisions revolve around your children’s welfare as if you live your life through them. In such conditions, it becomes quite difficult to take some ‘me’ time out from your schedule. However, you should do that often to prevent getting bored and growing old eventually, without having to enjoy your life to the fullest of your capabilities. 

Let’s now give you some hacks to take a break from your quintessential ‘Mom’ life and add some spice to your days. 

Revive your old hobbies

What did you like most before you became a mom? You can revive any hobby that gave you the satisfaction of being in your skin and even helped you secure a position in society. Whether its music, dancing, painting or sketching, every one of us has something which we are good at, probably from the rest. Start doing that in your free time and you’ll feel less bored with your days. 

Join a free course

If you have been planning to start a small business for some time, join a free course and start with it right away. You’ll feel more productive and your confidence will get a boost once you start being recognized in the outside world. As you realize that you are more than just a stay-at-home mom, you’ll feel empowered and excited to take on the world. If the Prime Minister of New Zealand can run an entire nation even after being a mom, what’s stopping you?

Do the home interiors

If you’re not much of a professional person, you can reduce your boredom by doing the interiors of your home. Ask your toddlers to help you, as they will learn something new in the process. You can even make it a family weekend activity to enhance the bond you share with your children. After finishing the interiors, you can go out and start with landscaping the garden, if you have a thing for the same. 

Socialize a little 

Besides being active on social media, you should also go out and meet your people once in a while. This will help you get rid of your boredom to a great extent. By meeting people in the real world, you’ll also get a grip on things and trends to upgrade your knowledge and experience to function better in a constantly-changing world. 

Become an influencer

If you spend a lot of time on social media, you can become an influencer by sharing your knowledge and experience in the things you are best at. Even if you can’t think of anything other than being a good mom, you should share that experience with newbie moms who face difficulties in handling their personal and professional lives and seek advice for the same. 

There’s nothing wrong with being ordinary in everything else and exceptional in being a mom. If you can do that, your children will be your legacy. Yes, it can be quite monotonous sometimes, especially in the fast-pacing world of today, but if you can find a hobby, or interest that binds you, confidence and empowerment will come naturally. It’s not important what you do but to do! 

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How To Boost Confidence Levels

How To Boost Confidence Levels With Shoe Therapy

Long gone are those days when you bought a pair of shoes simply because they are comfortable and functional. The footwear industry has gone through a massive evolution in recent years to merge into fashion trends and styles. These days, you can get umpteen fashionable shoes to match your entire getup and make heads turn wherever you go. The attention you receive also boosts your confidence levels to a great extent, which enhances your performance as well. 

Let’s dig deeper into this amazing shoe therapy that has taken the fashion industry a notch up.

The inherent charm of high heels

According to many office goers and women in leadership roles, wearing stilettos boosts confidence levels to an extent that improves personality and enhances productivity at work. These pairs of shoes, like the leather pumps and flashy statement heels, often exude a courageous essence, besides matching the formal outfits perfectly. They also help powerful women feel confident about their abilities to conquer the world. 

Motivation to work out 

Investing in that perfect pair of workout shoes, like sneakers or running shoes, encourages you to exercise with greater vigor. These are comfortable enough to help you run, lift weights, train on special equipment, or indulge in sports quite conveniently. Besides, when you wear the right shoes for strenuous physical activities, you also reduce the chances of suffering from injuries, like ankle strains, fractures, joint pains, etc. The idea of staying safe and well-protected also gives your confidence a boost. 

The benefits of getting noticed 

When you don a fabulous pair of shoes, you tend to attract more eyeballs, which can enhance your self-esteem. After all, who doesn’t like to be talked about in a social or formal gathering? Many a time, people may even approach you directly to ask about those stunning pair of shoes, and you can get a chance to network over the same. If nothing else, you can even gain a new friend, who shares your enthusiasm for footwear. 

Creating a lasting impression

When you arrive at your workplace in a gorgeous pair of shoes, you may create a lasting impression on your colleagues, superiors, and your boss as a pro-fashionista. In an appearance-oriented industry, like a fashion hub or a marketing agency, such impactful instances can help you create an aura of elegance around you. If you’re well-dressed, you may even get a chance to work on high-profile assignments that require a good impression, to begin with. 

Defining your identity

When you invest in designer footwear, you tend to attach your identity to the brand, which then enhances your personality. No wonder the celebrities have their brand preferences for footwear, as they are identified with the same. Whether you wish to revamp your fashion sense or go back to classic styles, you are perceived as someone, who takes the time out to look his/her best. Staying in vogue also glams up your entire appearance. 

Final words

Sometimes, it can be difficult to find that right pair of shoes to create an impact. You should focus on comfort, fittings, and style all at once to get your feet into something that feels like a second skin. Last but not least, don’t hesitate to experiment with different types of footwear, as long as they make you feel confident without compromising on comfort. 

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Designer Pump Trends In 2020

Designer Pump Trends In 2020 - All You Need To Know

Office meetings or casuals, pumps are being popularized by fashionable women for quite some time now. Be it the designer-inspired beaded chain pumps or the studded ones, these shoes are finding their way into the ladies’ wardrobe to complement their formal or casual appearance. When it comes to seasonal shoes, the designer-inspired footwear adorns your long palazzos or short denim in spring and summer alike. You can also wear them occasionally in the cold months to add some ‘oomph’ to your overall fashion sense. 

Now, let’s discuss some of the trendy pumps that are getting the ladies all ‘aww’ in 2020. 

The sparkling studs

With crystals, rhinestones, and other embellishments, these pumps have been taking the runaways of Michael Halpern, JW Anderson and other designers by storm. Cute and trendy, the diamond-like shine on the shoes are perfect for any social and formal event. With the embellishments mainly adorning the footstraps, these shoes are also perfect for the red carpet look of celebrities. 

Chain pumps

Weekend dine-outs or conferences, the chain pumps are the staple for every special occasion that exudes an essence of feminine charm. The wearer feels comfortable and confident at the same time besides maintaining a style quotient of her own. You can opt for gold chains or silver, depending on the kind of outfit you’re wearing and your skin tone.

The new loafers

Supposed to complement the ultimate formal look of an office goer, these shoes have been tweaked a bit to add to their design appeal. Be it the slip-on version or the sling-back loafers, these shoes come in varieties of chic designs and dynamic shades today with crystal or other embellishments to enhance the style factor. 

Trendy Mary Jane pumps

The designers breathed some life into these shoes by adding some fancy textures and improving the patterns and designs on the surface, as well as the heels. Whether you want an elegant look for your seminar or a playful one for a date night, you can don these pumps quite comfortably. Although these shows took it somewhat low in the last decade, with the enhancements in designs, these are gaining in popularity yet again. 

Pumps with bows

These have always been there as the women’s most favorite pair of pumps, but now, the bow-look has gotten trendier with the incorporation of fluorescent, dynamic colors and the styles of bows that defy convention. From meeting your guy to getting the ‘oomph’ factor on in your corporate meetings, you can wear these pairs to any occasion or special event. 

The animal prints

Leopard prints are always in when you’re feeling adventurous and ready to rock and roll in a weekend night-out. You can go for bold dark-brown prints on your pumps or let the cute, white leopard prints complement your overall sense of sophistication. Either way, it’s a win-win situation for you. 

Wrapping it up        

Be it the studded pumps that make you gawk at the celebrities on the red carpet, or the new Mary Jane shoes that make you go all crazy, the pumps in 2020 are simply unmatched. This is the right time to upgrade your wardrobe with some trendy pairs that go both with your casual and formal appearances. As the pumps are highly versatile, you need not be called out by the fashion police any day. 

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Right Yoga Wear

Why Should You Consider Selecting The Right Yoga Wear?

Fashion is everywhere; be it a casual day-out, a professional seminar, or a regular day at the gym. In the world of social media, everyone feels a compulsion to look presentable, no matter where they are. And the yoga sessions are not an exception to that rule. If you don’t wish to get photographed in your pajamas while practicing yoga, you should get something useful as soon as possible. 

However, aesthetics is not the only reason why you should consider investing in the right yoga wear. The following reasons will enlighten you in this regard. 

Comfort is necessary

When you practice yoga, you tend to try difficult poses that involve a lot of stretching, bending, and twisting. If you aren’t comfortable in the clothes that you’re wearing, it’s nearly impossible to do that perfectly, which may lead to severe consequences including injuries. This apart, it’s important to stay focussed while practicing yoga and uncomfortable clothing can lead to distractions. Therefore, it’s best to pick the right set of workout wear that will reduce such issues to a great extent. 

Feel lighter and less suffocated

Synthetic fabrics can lead to suffocation and excessive sweating, which hampers your performance at the yoga sessions. Most yoga wears are composed of breathable fabrics, which help maintain your focus by enhancing comfort and lightness. For example, the yoga leggings or pants are generally composed of cotton blends, spandex, or lycra, which are lightweight fabrics specially designed for working out. Not only they look good but also provide maximum comfort while trying those difficult moves. 

Right clothing boosts confidence

If you’re a newbie in the world of yoga, you need a lot of confidence, to begin with. The right clothing that’s perfectly-fitting looks good and breathable enough will help boost your confidence levels to a good extent. When you feel good, you’ll perform better and may turn out to be a yoga enthusiast in a few weeks. And selfies are the need of the season, right? So, why not look stylish in those photos by donning trendy yoga wear? 

Diverse outfits to choose from

When you go shopping for the right set of yoga clothes, you’ll see that there are so many different varieties out there. The workout wear industry is booming, and you’re spoilt with choices, be it leggings, yoga pants, trousers, shorts, sports bra, and so on. You’ll enjoy the experience of shopping more than anything else. Hence, appeasing the shopaholic inside you is another key reason for buying the right yoga wear. 

How to choose the right yoga wear

  • Know your body shape and understand your specific requirements 
  • Talk to an expert (possibly your yoga instructor) about the type of clothes you need 
  • Choose the right fit for maximum comfort and flexibility
  • Select a matching sports bra and other undergarments
  • Pick a favorite color, print or pattern

Wrapping it up

Buying the right set of yoga wear can go a long way in enhancing your performance and making you look attractive at the same time. While looks do matter, you should invest in properly-fitted clothes for the best effect. 

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How To Blend Body Language

How To Blend Body Language With Fashion To Ace Any Look

When you dress up in designer wears, trendy outfits, fashionable accessories, and chic shoes, you intend to look upbeat and fashionable. But, it’s not always the things you wear but how you carry yourself is what makes a true fashionista. If you follow the celebrities closely, you’ll notice that they have a peculiar way of walking, turning, moving their hands, and talking that sets them apart. 

Fashion is a blend of clothes and body language

According to bloggers and celebrities, fashion is defined not only by the clothes and accessories you wear but also by your body language, posture, and movement. The way you walk, sit, and use your hands while doing so tells a lot about your personality. Slouchy postures, stiff hands, and improper postures can ruin your entire appearance, no matter what you wear.  

There’s a reason while models and actors undergo body language training before appearing in front of the camera. And then there are different body languages and postures to practice with each kind of outfit. Some can make you look classy and elegant, but some may bring out the funky teenager in you, and some yet may help you look sensuous and bold. Everything depends on the combination of the right set of clothes and the perfect body language. 

Let’s now discuss what role your hands play in complementing your fashion sense. 

Your hands are probably the first thing that people will notice about you, after your face of course. If you have beautiful hands, they will take your personality a notch up. Now, what is meant by ‘beautiful hands’? We’ll tell you:

  • Get your hands manicured – Hit the salon at your convenience and get your hands manicured, nails filed and polished properly to exude an essence of elegance. Pampering yourself once in a while is a treat in itself, so you’ll enjoy the session as much as the results you get. Pick seasonal colors for your nail paint and make sure not to go overboard. 
  • Wear trendy rings – Having rings on your finger makes you look more feminine. And if you wear two or more stylish rings on your manicured fingers, people will notice your hands. You can go for metal varieties, or natural stones, depending on your choice but make sure the rings are noticeable, trendy and unique in themselves. 
  • Moisturize and exfoliate your hands – Only getting a manicure won’t do. You need to constantly moisturize and exfoliate your hands to keep them beautiful. Exfoliate your hands and apply a lotion before going to bed to prevent dry skin issues from taking their beauty away. 
  • Communicate through hand gestures –  Hand gestures, if properly done, can go a long way in sending the right messages. Use a firm handshake to inspire confidence, put your palm over your heart to express emotions, and use your fingers while mentioning certain points in a conversation. 
  • Draw attention to your wrists – Wear a nice bracelet or a designer watch to complement your overall appearance. You can choose your accessories based on the outfit you’re wearing and your preferences, but the idea is to catch eyes with your beautiful wrists.


Now that you know how to make your hands look attractive, let’s turn to your overall body language:

  • Walk properly – If you’re in formals, your movement should exude confidence and authority, while in an A-line date-night gown, you should walk in slow, sensuous strides to attract eyeballs. Casuals, on the other hand, should inspire something in the middle, as a hassle-free, relaxing stride. 
  • Be careful while sitting – Every outfit inspires different forms of sitting postures. For example, if you’re wearing a short skirt, you should sit with your legs crossed to look elegant and poised. While in denim and sneakers, you can sit in any posture that seems comfortable. If you’re wearing a high-slit dress, you should be careful about the amount of skin it reveals while sitting. 
  • Wear the right shoes – Know what type of shoes will complement your outfit the best. While sneakers are best booked for denim and workout wears, you can don knee-high boots with shorts and stylish pumps with your formal clothing. If you’re planning a casual day out at the beach, both sandals and sneakers will do, depending on the outfit you choose to wear. 
  • Keep them shaved – It goes without saying that if you wear shorts, mini-skirts or high-slit gowns, it’s mandatory to keep your legs shaved and clean to prevent drawing the attention of the fashion police. 
  • Moisturize your legs – Just like your face and hands, you should also exfoliate and moisturize your legs if you want to flaunt them with grace. While on the beach, make sure you carry sunscreen to prevent getting a tan. 

Wrapping it up

You should always work on your posture and body language to exude the essence of a true fashionista. With a combination of the right clothes, accessories, proper posture, and a smile on your face, you’ll definitely turn some heads, wherever you go. 

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Virtual Date Tips

Virtual Date Tips - How To Dress Like A Pro Fashionista

Apart from remote working and video conferencing, there have been noticeable changes in our personal lives too in the last few months. Virtual dating has been on the rise since the outbreak of the pandemic and it’s creating a trend among the millennials right now. With lockdowns imposed throughout the world and social distancing being the new norm, the romantics of this generation are finding love online through advanced mobile apps that support the idea. 

However, one thing that’s bugging these romantic millennials is the idea of dressing up for that perfect virtual date. Should they be wearing casuals and pajamas with messy buns and bear a natural look, or should they be dressed up in their best with their eyes lined and lips smeared in their favorite shades – the lovers seem to be quite confused. 

The following virtual dating fashion tips aim to get rid of all such confusion and make you look your best without losing your integrity. But before you get down to that, you should know why it’s important to dress up for your virtual date, like it’s a real one. 

Why should you dress up for your virtual date?

Amidst all the anxiety around the virus, there’s no doubt that people’s social lives have gone for a toss. You don’t get to visit your nearby shopping center, let alone dress up for an event or a date. As dressing up and looking good play an important role in self-care, the slightest chance to do so should not be ignored at any cost. And virtual dates can give you exactly that. 

If you dress up like a pro-fashionista on your virtual date, you’ll not only feel confident and beautiful but also take your mind away from the stress that we all are in today. You’ll get to enjoy a good evening with your beloved over the phone, be smeared with compliments, and have a new experience to ponder over the weekend. This will certainly give a boost to your self-esteem and help you combat the crisis with greater vigor. 

Now, how to dress up for a special occasion? Let’s give you some ideas. 

Be the Impressor 

A black, sophisticated, A-line slip dress will create an aura of seduction and beauty, which is perfect for a virtual dinner date. Pair it with a pearl necklace and cute, pearl studs, which will give a touch of elegance to your appearance. You can also go all red if you’re sure that you can carry it well and that it will look good on camera. 

Although your shoes aren’t going to be visible if you’re on Facetime or Skype, they will help you complete the look effectively. You can try stilettos or white, platinum pumps with high heels, whichever seems convenient to you. 

Keep it simple

If you and your partner are planning to do some activities online, like watching a movie together or solving puzzles, playing card games, etc, you can keep it simple with a Marvel T and your favorite pair of shorts or denim. Complete the look with a trendy cap to go with the movie that you’re going to watch. 

Ready for a walk

So you’re planning to go for a walk on your virtual date? Put on your favorite pair of leggings and a short, crop top to go with it. You can also don a denim jacket over it to enhance the look. Sneakers are a must and don’t forget your mask, as you’re going to be outside for some time. 

If you wish to look a little stylish and not like a gym-hitter, you can replace the leggings with shorts or denim and a gorgeous pair of black boots to complement them. 

Show some skin

You can be a little bold on your virtual date with some skin show to go with your natural essence. Take out a crop top from your closet and pair it up with low-waist jeans to exude a sensuous charm. You can also don an off-shoulder top with frilled, transparent sleeves to maintain a cute, girly look without losing your seductive essence. 

Floral tops are the best wears for virtual daytime dates, while silk and satin should be booked for the evening ones. In jewelry, you can try large, feather earrings to go with the floral prints and metal ones for the sophisticated evening dress. 

The retro romantic

Are you and your partner in for classical music and dance nights? Well, you can don a ruched-sleeve dress with a pair of statement earrings and tie your hair in a bun to turn your beloved’s head. Although you can’t be together in the real sense, your get-up will surely make him think about you for the upcoming date until your next virtual date. 

The idea to dress well for your virtual date is all about uplifting your spirits and taking all gloom away. So, which one are you going to try first? Let us know in the comments below. 

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What Makes The Kate Spade Handbags So Special?

What Makes The Kate Spade Handbags So Special?

The designer is indeed no more, but her designs remain and will continue to be loved worldwide. The former senior fashion editor at the Mademoiselle Magazine and the founder of one of the most dynamic and luxurious designer houses in NYC, Kate Spade took the industry by storm in the early 90s, with her eye-catchy whimsical designs that form a staple for fashionistas even to this day. 

Although her tragic end has made her designs immortal, that’s not the only reason for her handbags being so special. Let’s shed some light on the rest. 

Impeccable designs and unmatched usability

With the brand motto of ‘Live colorfully’, Kate Spade’s handbags exude a vibrant essence along with the superior quality that was achieved by employing industry-standard materials. For example, the first-ever handbag, “Sam”, made by the brand, flaunted a nylon exterior and was inherently waterproof, which served the purpose of being a tote bag quite well. 

“Sam” also had more space than the tote bags of those days and was perfect for both students and professionals alike. First created in solids, “Sam” went through several improvisations later to include attractive and eye-catching designs and patterns in the form of floral prints and stripes. Fast forward to 2020, and the cute little elephant handbag made from exquisite Italian leather, which accommodates even an iPhone XS Max, is one of the must-have accessories to appease the fashionista in you. 

The fun part

Kate Spade was highly popular because of her ability to come up with quirky, fun designs that captured the hearts of many. Be it her ‘Samira’ clutch that came in the shape of a vintage radio, or the purses in the shapes of black cats, taxicabs, peacock feathers, and so on, people love them like anything. Not only do these bags help the owners stand apart but also are great conversation starters, especially when you are meeting someone for the first time. 

Talking about word-of-mouth promotion? Well, Kate Spade’s cute little designs boast of it in full swing. 

The durability of the products 

Is there any point buying a designer purse that costs a fortune and doesn’t last even for a year? Well, no! Whether you’re looking for totes or clutches, Kate Spade’s collection is of the durable ones. They are well-equipped to accommodate larger, heavier items without wear and tears for so long that it makes you wonder if it’s a handbag or a genie. 

Using crosshatched leather, which is mainly derived from cowhide and also referred to as Italian smooth leather, nylon, and canvas, Kate Spade’s collection shouts strength and durability in every inch of the products. With a special wax finish that the cowhide leather is subjected to, the bags are scratch-resistant and easiest to maintain. 

No breaking banks

You don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to get a Kate Spade handbag. Although her collections are included in the “luxury designers” club, they are way affordable than most designer handbags that you get in the market. If you can’t get a Birkin, you need not feel disappointed anymore, as Kate Spade has your back and how! 

Wrapping it up

Kate Spade also rose to fame because of her contribution to women’s empowerment. She dedicated her collections to the low-income NYC women, who couldn’t afford designer accessories before. So, if you want to play a role in the positive ripple effect that takes a community towards development, get your own Kate Spade handbag today!  

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