Wine Bars In Paris

Interesting Facts About Some World-Class Wine Bars In Paris

Wine is just like human life – its value increases with age. Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or just a casual drinker, a glass of your favourite drink after a tiring week at work can enliven your spirits and reduce signs of stress and fatigue, if any. And when talking about wine, there’s nothing like the French wine, as wine-tasting is an integral part of their culture. So let’s give you an idea about some of the amazing wine bars in Paris to have your go before the start of an amazing weekend. 

Le 11e Domaine

This popular wine bar is located at a walking distance from the Parmentier Station on Metro Line 3. Savoury wines from all parts of France, e.g. Bordeaux, as well as foreign wines from Australia, Chile and Argentina, are served here. Besides wine, you can also get some world-class brands of whiskey and rum here along with classes on oenology. If you’re willing, you can also add delicious ham trays and cheese, or rosette slices and coppa to the menu for a highly-satisfactory meal experience. 

La’vant Comptoir 

A blissful wine-lovers’ paradise beside the Le Comptoir du Relais diner, this much-celebrated wine bar offers some of the classy and expensive wines, especially the Burgundy whites. Its ‘anything by the glass’ policy is one of the key reasons for its popularity among office-goers and tourists, who can get a taste of that pricey champagne, without going broke. The ambience is favourable and unique with menu cards hanging from the ceiling, which you may find quite intriguing. 

Willi’s Wine Bar

The most interesting fact about this well-loved wine bar in Paris is, it was founded by an Englishman, Mark Williamson, in 1980. From its characteristic 1930’s oak interiors and the simple menu consisting of classics and contemporaries, this wine bar is the perfect place to spend some quality time with your family, friends or with yourself. You can taste wine both in glasses and bottles, depending on your preferences and budget, of course. 


Are you planning to take your partner out for a date night? If both of you have a thing for classic wines, you should get here right away. Located in Rue René Boulanger, its luxurious ambience with bright and beautiful interiors can take your wine-sipping experience a notch up. Despite being quite popular among wine-connoisseurs and lovers, it’s easy to avoid the crowd here, as the place is quite big and spacious. Last but not least, the owner of this affluent wine bar takes the time out to meet and greet the visitors, which adds to the overall experience. 

La Belle Hortense

Is there any Bibliophile out here? What could be better than sipping wine while rummaging through the pages of your favourite book? This amazing wine bar gives you to chance to indulge in dive into classic French and English literature with a glass of wine in your hand. It seems blissful, right? Located in Marais, you can also get a taste of the delectable menu of their sister restaurant, Les Philosophes, nearby, in case you get hungry. And yes you don’t have to leave your spot or your book for that. 

So, which wine bar are you dropping by this weekend? Let us know in the comments! 

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