Virtual Date Tips

Virtual Date Tips - How To Dress Like A Pro Fashionista

Apart from remote working and video conferencing, there have been noticeable changes in our personal lives too in the last few months. Virtual dating has been on the rise since the outbreak of the pandemic and it’s creating a trend among the millennials right now. With lockdowns imposed throughout the world and social distancing being the new norm, the romantics of this generation are finding love online through advanced mobile apps that support the idea. 

However, one thing that’s bugging these romantic millennials is the idea of dressing up for that perfect virtual date. Should they be wearing casuals and pajamas with messy buns and bear a natural look, or should they be dressed up in their best with their eyes lined and lips smeared in their favorite shades – the lovers seem to be quite confused. 

The following virtual dating fashion tips aim to get rid of all such confusion and make you look your best without losing your integrity. But before you get down to that, you should know why it’s important to dress up for your virtual date, like it’s a real one. 

Why should you dress up for your virtual date?

Amidst all the anxiety around the virus, there’s no doubt that people’s social lives have gone for a toss. You don’t get to visit your nearby shopping center, let alone dress up for an event or a date. As dressing up and looking good play an important role in self-care, the slightest chance to do so should not be ignored at any cost. And virtual dates can give you exactly that. 

If you dress up like a pro-fashionista on your virtual date, you’ll not only feel confident and beautiful but also take your mind away from the stress that we all are in today. You’ll get to enjoy a good evening with your beloved over the phone, be smeared with compliments, and have a new experience to ponder over the weekend. This will certainly give a boost to your self-esteem and help you combat the crisis with greater vigor. 

Now, how to dress up for a special occasion? Let’s give you some ideas. 

Be the Impressor 

A black, sophisticated, A-line slip dress will create an aura of seduction and beauty, which is perfect for a virtual dinner date. Pair it with a pearl necklace and cute, pearl studs, which will give a touch of elegance to your appearance. You can also go all red if you’re sure that you can carry it well and that it will look good on camera. 

Although your shoes aren’t going to be visible if you’re on Facetime or Skype, they will help you complete the look effectively. You can try stilettos or white, platinum pumps with high heels, whichever seems convenient to you. 

Keep it simple

If you and your partner are planning to do some activities online, like watching a movie together or solving puzzles, playing card games, etc, you can keep it simple with a Marvel T and your favorite pair of shorts or denim. Complete the look with a trendy cap to go with the movie that you’re going to watch. 

Ready for a walk

So you’re planning to go for a walk on your virtual date? Put on your favorite pair of leggings and a short, crop top to go with it. You can also don a denim jacket over it to enhance the look. Sneakers are a must and don’t forget your mask, as you’re going to be outside for some time. 

If you wish to look a little stylish and not like a gym-hitter, you can replace the leggings with shorts or denim and a gorgeous pair of black boots to complement them. 

Show some skin

You can be a little bold on your virtual date with some skin show to go with your natural essence. Take out a crop top from your closet and pair it up with low-waist jeans to exude a sensuous charm. You can also don an off-shoulder top with frilled, transparent sleeves to maintain a cute, girly look without losing your seductive essence. 

Floral tops are the best wears for virtual daytime dates, while silk and satin should be booked for the evening ones. In jewelry, you can try large, feather earrings to go with the floral prints and metal ones for the sophisticated evening dress. 

The retro romantic

Are you and your partner in for classical music and dance nights? Well, you can don a ruched-sleeve dress with a pair of statement earrings and tie your hair in a bun to turn your beloved’s head. Although you can’t be together in the real sense, your get-up will surely make him think about you for the upcoming date until your next virtual date. 

The idea to dress well for your virtual date is all about uplifting your spirits and taking all gloom away. So, which one are you going to try first? Let us know in the comments below. 

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