How To Blend Body Language

How To Blend Body Language With Fashion To Ace Any Look

When you dress up in designer wears, trendy outfits, fashionable accessories, and chic shoes, you intend to look upbeat and fashionable. But, it’s not always the things you wear but how you carry yourself is what makes a true fashionista. If you follow the celebrities closely, you’ll notice that they have a peculiar way of walking, turning, moving their hands, and talking that sets them apart. 

Fashion is a blend of clothes and body language

According to bloggers and celebrities, fashion is defined not only by the clothes and accessories you wear but also by your body language, posture, and movement. The way you walk, sit, and use your hands while doing so tells a lot about your personality. Slouchy postures, stiff hands, and improper postures can ruin your entire appearance, no matter what you wear.  

There’s a reason while models and actors undergo body language training before appearing in front of the camera. And then there are different body languages and postures to practice with each kind of outfit. Some can make you look classy and elegant, but some may bring out the funky teenager in you, and some yet may help you look sensuous and bold. Everything depends on the combination of the right set of clothes and the perfect body language. 

Let’s now discuss what role your hands play in complementing your fashion sense. 

Your hands are probably the first thing that people will notice about you, after your face of course. If you have beautiful hands, they will take your personality a notch up. Now, what is meant by ‘beautiful hands’? We’ll tell you:

  • Get your hands manicured – Hit the salon at your convenience and get your hands manicured, nails filed and polished properly to exude an essence of elegance. Pampering yourself once in a while is a treat in itself, so you’ll enjoy the session as much as the results you get. Pick seasonal colors for your nail paint and make sure not to go overboard. 
  • Wear trendy rings – Having rings on your finger makes you look more feminine. And if you wear two or more stylish rings on your manicured fingers, people will notice your hands. You can go for metal varieties, or natural stones, depending on your choice but make sure the rings are noticeable, trendy and unique in themselves. 
  • Moisturize and exfoliate your hands – Only getting a manicure won’t do. You need to constantly moisturize and exfoliate your hands to keep them beautiful. Exfoliate your hands and apply a lotion before going to bed to prevent dry skin issues from taking their beauty away. 
  • Communicate through hand gestures –  Hand gestures, if properly done, can go a long way in sending the right messages. Use a firm handshake to inspire confidence, put your palm over your heart to express emotions, and use your fingers while mentioning certain points in a conversation. 
  • Draw attention to your wrists – Wear a nice bracelet or a designer watch to complement your overall appearance. You can choose your accessories based on the outfit you’re wearing and your preferences, but the idea is to catch eyes with your beautiful wrists.


Now that you know how to make your hands look attractive, let’s turn to your overall body language:

  • Walk properly – If you’re in formals, your movement should exude confidence and authority, while in an A-line date-night gown, you should walk in slow, sensuous strides to attract eyeballs. Casuals, on the other hand, should inspire something in the middle, as a hassle-free, relaxing stride. 
  • Be careful while sitting – Every outfit inspires different forms of sitting postures. For example, if you’re wearing a short skirt, you should sit with your legs crossed to look elegant and poised. While in denim and sneakers, you can sit in any posture that seems comfortable. If you’re wearing a high-slit dress, you should be careful about the amount of skin it reveals while sitting. 
  • Wear the right shoes – Know what type of shoes will complement your outfit the best. While sneakers are best booked for denim and workout wears, you can don knee-high boots with shorts and stylish pumps with your formal clothing. If you’re planning a casual day out at the beach, both sandals and sneakers will do, depending on the outfit you choose to wear. 
  • Keep them shaved – It goes without saying that if you wear shorts, mini-skirts or high-slit gowns, it’s mandatory to keep your legs shaved and clean to prevent drawing the attention of the fashion police. 
  • Moisturize your legs – Just like your face and hands, you should also exfoliate and moisturize your legs if you want to flaunt them with grace. While on the beach, make sure you carry sunscreen to prevent getting a tan. 

Wrapping it up

You should always work on your posture and body language to exude the essence of a true fashionista. With a combination of the right clothes, accessories, proper posture, and a smile on your face, you’ll definitely turn some heads, wherever you go. 

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