Home Décor Ideas In 2021

Boho Living Room Trends And Tips For Home Décor Ideas In 2021

If you’re not into subtle homes and seek splash of colors, uniqueness, and eclectic designs, you should opt for a Boho décor. As Bohemian interiors are for people, who wish to express their sense of style without giving much importance to what could in vogue at the moment, it helps give a special, eye-catching appeal to your home. 

However, even the most eccentric Bohemian design ideas follow certain trends that you may find useful if you’re planning to decorate your living space in a Boho style. Let’s shed some light on that. 

Floral designs

Bohemian living areas can come with an exquisite floral essence with the help of botanical wall arts, natural shades, and floral pillow covers, thus giving the space a bright and beautiful eco-friendly appeal. You can complete the look with leafy-green or light-green curtains, thus taking the floral appeal a notch up. 

Leather inspirations

Make the most of your urban Bohemian home with a leather caramel sofa and matching cushions, mud-colored carpets or rugs, dark-shaded wallpapers, and a plethora of graphics, sequins and flowerless, potted-plants to add to the mix. You can also include a bookcase with leather-bound paperback first editions to enhance the appeal. 


No worries if you aren’t ready to go all-out with the color palette, as some Bohemian-inspired designs can also exude a minimalist essence without losing its unique charm. Opt for neutral wall shades, vintage pillows, and wood furniture to create a rustic, minimalist appeal in your living room. 

Red and white Boho rooms

Red and white rooms are quite distinctive and rare, as it’s difficult to create the perfect contrast without going overboard with the colors and designs. Well, start by floral wall coverings in shades of red, striped rugs or carpets, picture frames bathed in red, and finish with white draperies, lampshades, and pristine white furnishings to achieve the look you want. 

Urban Boho designs

While the conventional Boho designs inspire a splash of white colors anywhere and everywhere without much heed to the rules, urban Boho is somewhat controlled and low-toned. However, it still exhibits a lot of boldness and beauty characterized by Moroccan tiles or mosaic patterns, darker shades, and gorgeous design features. As Boho living rooms resemble the messiness in our minds, you can complete the look with artistries, abstract paintings on the walls, and graphic curtains. 

Bright and beautiful Boho rooms

While designing a bright and beautiful Bohemian living room, you can splash colors almost everywhere, on the floor, the walls, pillow covers, and furniture, thus exuding a cheerful appeal throughout the space. Start by putting up colorful graphic wallpapers and finish the look with bamboo furniture, wood shelves, and a white sofa with pillowcases in shades of pink and orange. Don’t forget to hang designer curtains on the windows that will rack up the appearance.

Wrapping it up

The best thing about Bohemian décor is its lack of rules. All you have to do is get an idea about matching contrasts and creating a unique appeal that doesn’t look cluttered. You should also possess a definite sense of aesthetics to prevent going wrong. The rest is up to you and your design preferences. Don’t hold your ideas back and let your creativity take wings. 

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